Friday’s HOT Topic

A survey released this week revealed 30% of primary school’s and 10% of secondary’s hadn’t been on a theatre trip in two years. The same questionnaire found that 89% of secondary schools HAD been to a theatre production in the last year…

Is this something we should be concerned about? The 89% is a promising statistic… but should we be worrying about those who aren’t exposed to as much drama? Do you think it’s important that children go to the theatre at a young age? As teachers, how easy is it to get the support of your school to take students to performances?

Let us know your thoughts…

2 responses

  1. I’m an employee at a smaller theatre in Canada and at my theatre (and the others that I’ve worked with in the past few years) the reason fewer elementary students come to our performances is the simple fact that the shows are not suitable for them. Our programming unfortunately doesn’t include a lot of family shows, so there is nothing here for those 13 and under to come to see. I’m wondering if this is true in other communities as well.

    • Thanks for commenting Amanda. Interesting point. Is it possible we are sheltering students too much? Do things change if young people are watching drama for an educational experience?

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