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2 responses

  1. I was very interested to read the comment in the editorial about disappointing results from AQA GCSE Drama this summer. My school was offering the subject for the first time as an Option and results were eagerly awaited. I gave the students a mock exam (June 2010)using the grade boundaries used for that exam. Results were promising and a number of students gained the top grades. However when this summer’s results were published the results were very disappointing. Firstly the grade boundaries for the top grades had been considerably inflated(e.g. 2010 63/80 A* 52 A 41B 2011 68/80 A* 60 A 52B). A few students missed a grade by 1 or 2 marks so I sent their papers for remarking. One student who was 1 mark from an A was marked down 8 marks, two students who were 2 marks from a B were marked down 6 marks which surely indicates there was something wrong with the original marking. I am attending a GCSE Feedback meeting on Nov. 17th. in London and like many other teachers I will want some answers!!

  2. Thank you for your comment Susan, I’m sure many teachers will know exactly how you’re feeling. You’ll have to let us know how the meeting goes on 17th November. It would interesting to hear what they have to say.

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