Arts Council England to launch £750,000 travel fund for artists

Arts Council England has announced that it will be creating a funding scheme to enable artists from the UK to travel abroad. The Artists International Development Fund will be a collaboration between Arts Council England and British Council.

Despite Chair Dame Liz Forgan’s commenting that: ‘great art isn’t about economics’, the project will offer a £750,000 fund to successful applicants. She said: ‘For the Arts Council, creative talent is where it all begins and ends. Supporting artists so you can thrive is central to everything we do.’

Dame Forgan made the announcement at Arts Council England’s annual conference, State of the Arts. She described the fund as a ‘new chapter in the relationship between the arts council and the British Council’ and said that the money would, ‘help artists to broaden their physical and cultural horizons.’

The Arts Council and British Council will release the full details regarding The Artists International Development Fund on the 29 February. Dame Forgan said she hoped the fund would help to, ‘support English artists to travel, explore and collaborate internationally, developing markets and audiences overseas for their work.’

She went onto explain the purpose of the fund, saying: ‘It responds to the evident and increasing insistence by artists that they need access to their peers, to audiences and to influences from other places and other cultures. The fund will, I hope, be a valuable help to artists to build on domestic success at crucial stages in their careers.’

The Artists International Development Fund will begin accepting applications early March.

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