School building guidelines incorporate drama spaces for the first time

Building guidelines to include requirements for drama spaces

For the first time, the department for education has included performance and rehearsal spaces within building guidelines for both primary and secondary schools.

The guidelines recommend that primary schools have a studio for rehearsals and a hall space capable of hosting performances. They also state that secondary schools should include a studio space, equipped with a storage area for performance materials such as prop, set and costumes. The guidelines will also endorse that the studio is located near to a multi-functioning hall with moveable seating for audiences.

The government organisation Education Funding Agency developed the new guidelines in consultation with the Theatres Trust. The recommendations will be used by building contractors developing new or existing schools.

Director of the Theatres Trust Mhora Samuel told the The Stage: ‘We need good facilities to be able to teach drama, but it goes far beyond teaching – it’s about placing theatre experiences at the heart of every child in school.’

The news comes as drama faces an uncertain future in schools when its place in the primary curriculum was thrown into doubt with its exclusion from the primary draft.

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