Central announces recruitment suspension to Initial Teacher Training courses

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama have announced that recruitment to their Initial Teacher Training courses has been suspended, affecting the school’s PGCE course and participation in the Department for Education’s Schools Direct scheme.

Students currently studying on these courses will be unaffected by the changes. Central’s Post Graduate Certificate Applied Theatre with Young People, run in association with the National Theatre, will be unaffected.

In a statement on their website, Central said: ‘This decision has been triggered by the continuing changes in government policy in this area and the practical effects of those changes on Central.

‘Central has a long and proud history in the field of teacher training. It remains institutionally committed to drama education and to the equipping of new generations of educators with the skills to provide high quality arts education. The school will take forward this commitment in these difficult times by continuing to offer different forms of provision appropriate to the professional development of specialist teachers. So too it will seek to create other learning opportunities for schools. The school, together with its partners, will continue to campaign vigorously for security in teacher training provision in our specialist area.’

One response

  1. Another nail in the coffin of curriculum drama from the Govean hammering of the arts! How can they marginalise and force into extinction theatre history and dramatic expression that fuels our fantastic cultural exports? And yet they have!

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