The Lion King to stage third dedicated autism-friendly performance

A third dedicated autism-friendly performance of Disney’s The Lion King has been announced to take to the stage of London’s Lyceum Theatre on 30 August at 1.30pm, following the success of the 2013 and 2014 performances.

The Lyceum Theatre, London

                    The Lyceum Theatre, London

Visiting the theatre for someone with autism can be frightening and stressful; it’s common for people with the condition to find sudden changes in environment or routine extremely distressing, with sensory issues, such as background noise or bright lights, being intrusive and potentially painful.

As a result, visiting a musical as globally successful as The Lion King in London’s busiest theatre can be understandably overwhelming to a large number of people with the condition, and this is why the show is now being staged especially for people with autism in dedicated performances for the third time.

The adapted performances include modifications to the entire theatre experience, including:

  • Designated quiet and activity areas in the foyer, staffed by experts in autism in case anyone needs to leave their seats
  • Adjustments to the performance itself, such as sounds that may cause distress or strobe lighting that faces the audience
  • The cast, crew, and Lyceum Theatre box office and front of house staff have been trained to better understand the needs of an audience containing people with autism spectrum disorder
  • A dedicated autism-friendly website and booking system has been set up, which includes a downloadable ‘social story’ to further help the ease at which people with the condition can comprehend the theatre experience, from arriving in the foyer to the final curtain call, thus reducing anxiety and stress

For tickets and more information, friends and families can visit:, where tickets are sold at a specially discounted rate and can be selected on a virtual map of the auditorium.

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