Intermission Youth Theatre to stage play inspired by Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Intermission Youth Theatre, a drama group set up with the intention of engaging inner-city communities with theatre, is soon to stage Rise and Fall, a new play inspired by Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Boasting patronage from actor Mark Rylance, who is currently starring in the Globe’s Farinelli and the King, the aim of IYT is to reach out to disadvantaged

Patron Mark Rylance onstage at Shakespeare's Globe

Patron Mark Rylance onstage at Shakespeare’s Globe

youth groups at risk of offending.

Artistic Director Darren Raymond’s Rise and Fall features a group of students unwilling to participate in Julius Caesar during Shakespeare week at school. It is revealed that a transfer student from a rival school may have been involved in the death of a classmate the previous summer, and parallels with Julius Caesar begin to unravel.

Raymond had been in jail for three years when he was given the opportunity to sign up for a course with the London Shakespeare Workout, which ‘utilised the language of Shakespeare as a tool, a stepping stone to change through effective interaction.’ As a result, Raymond works with ex-offenders and young people at risk of offending, to provide new platforms for aspiring actors that otherwise lack the utilities available to others.

‘Intermission is the most exciting young people’s theatre company I have ever witnessed,’ says Rylance. ‘Not only are their productions witty and original, but you feel they are using Shakespeare to reveal their own culture of youth growing up in London today. I love this company and greatly admire all they do.’

Rise and Fall runs from 28 October – 21 November at St Saviour’s Church in London, and features a talk after each production, with tickets costing £15 (concessions available). For further information visit

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