National Theatre of Scotland announces three-year trilogy to commemorate WWI

As their tenth anniversary approaches, the National Theatre of Scotland have announced a three-year trilogy of plays to commemorate the centenary years of the First World War, entitled The 306.

NTS-logoThe 306 will pay homage to soldiers shot for cowardice or desertion during the First World War, and will begin with Dawn. Set in France during the Battle of the Somme, Oliver Emanuel’s play will be staged in a rural Perthshire barn between 21 May – 11 June 2016, with the two remaining parts staged in 2017 and 2018 to mark the end of the Great War.

Each part of the trilogy will explore the lives of the ‘unknown soldiers’ whose names are absent from British war memorials. The NTS says that this will ‘give them back their voices, stories and names.’

Artistic Director Laurie Sansom will direct the trilogy in a co-production with Perth Theatre. Though a seemingly formidable task, Sansom appears unfazed. ‘We are dedicated to creating projects that truly reflect the ambitions of Scotland’s artists,’ she says. Further information is due to be released soon.

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