The Greenwich Playhouse to close in April

April 2012 will see The Greenwich Playhouse bring the final curtain down after more than 20 years of theatre performances.

The theatre, which opened in 1989, is set to close as the lease has not been renewed by the landlord. The buildings’ owners, Beds and Bars, have chosen to part ways with The Greenwich Playhouse  so to take advantage of the influx of tourists to the capital for this summers’ Olympic games.

The Greenwich Playhouse’s artistic director, Alice de Sousa, said: ‘It is regrettable that the theatre’s landlord who have benefitted for eleven years from generous revenue generated by the theatre’s substantial trade, should have their sights focused on such short term objectives as the Olympics.’

A spokesman for Bed and Bars said: ‘This lease has always had an end date of April 2012. We took the decision last year that we wanted to operate the space ourselves and be in control of what we owned.’

The close will also affect Galleon Theatre Company, who have been in residence at the Greenwich venue since 1995. The Greenwich Playhouse and Galleon theatre company are currently in discussions with the local council to find a new venue for their work which brings 15,000 visitors each year to Greenwich.

Alice de Sousa said: ‘The Greenwich Playhouse and Galleon Theatre Company have over two decades made an immeasurable contribution to our capital’s cultural infrastructure. The Greenwich Playhouse is one of London’s most established small scale theatres. The work shown at this critically acclaimed venue draws annually from all over the world and the immediate community many, many thousands of people. It has staged hundreds of high quality theatre productions which have entertained and created work for hundreds of thousands of people.’

The final production to be performed at The Greenwich Playhouse will be Galleon theatre company’s production of The Duchess of Malfi. 

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