New fundraising campaign launched to bring full time repertory London

There are plans for a full-time repertory theatre to be set-up in London which would train and support actors allowing them to work in up to 10 productions each year.

The London Repertory Company is still in its very early stages, with estimates that the company will officially launch in 2014.  But already there are plans for a yearly schedule. If the project is to go ahead, each year the repertory theatre would produce a play by Shakespeare, a musical and for Christmas audiences a pantomime.

The person behind the project is British writer and director Michael Armstrong. The 67-year-old is ambitious about reviving theatre through creating London’s first repertory theatre in the heart of the West End. The project would aim to employ up to 40 actors each yearly season. Armstrong hopes that the project would incorporate the support and interest of local businesses.

No funding for the project will be coming from the government; instead the theatre will be supported   solely by donations from private sources and corporate partnerships. Campaign ‘Raise the curtain’ is set to kick-start funding for the project.

Those who make donations to The London Repertory Company will be given discounts with sponsor businesses of the company and will become a founding supporter of the theatre.

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