Student finance day 2012 launches

Today saw the launch of student finance day, offering support, advice and information for students applying to university. Supported by UCAS, the day hopes to supply applicants with a better understanding of the new financial structure of higher education. Students can find out about the cost of study before they apply to courses.

UCAS Chief Executive Mary Curnock Cook said: ‘UCAS is committed to ensuring that applicants have access to everything they need to make a fully informed choice about higher education. Access to comprehensive information about finance arrangements is really important.’

Student finance day is an initiative from creator Martin Lewis. Lewis chairs the Independent Taskforce on Student Finance, which was created to help students understand the real cost of changes to university fees.  They’ve created an app with all the information for students about loans, tuition fees and bursaries.

Their website provides a comprehensive need-to-know guide on the facts of applying to university with inflated tuition fees. There is also a device which helps applicants calculate how many years it will take them to become debt free post-university.

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New online resource to aid teachers in engaging students

Ch-arted is an online resource encouraging cross-curricular activities. The project, developed by The Customs House, launched at the end of September.

The site will be updated quarterly with ideas for classroom activities, lesson plans and interactive educational tools. All the resources have been purposefully created to involve young people in subjects and issues which apply across key stages one to four.

Ch-arted offers some free resources for teachers to download. To access all content users can pay a one-off fee or sign up for a yearly subscription.

One of the free resources available, ‘13–Voices’, concerns reaching out to the community. Aimed at 11-25 year olds, the material includes videos and poems from young homeless people. The site recommends use in PHSE and for citizenship. Other free material available is ‘The Big Countdown’, providing the  history of the Olympic games in an e-book format.

Cultural Development Manager Emma Horsman said: ‘We hope that the first resources on Ch-arted will showcase the wide variety of tools that will be made available and encourage teachers to not only utilise these particular programmes, but to refer back to the site on a regular basis as new options become available.’

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