Theatre awards voted for by young people return for third year

Second annual awards - "The Mousetraps" at Soho TheatreOn 9 March ‘The Mousetraps’ – the theatre awards voted for by theatregoers aged from 15 to 23 – return for their third year. The awards, which will take place at Soho Theatre, are presented by Mousetrap Theatre Projects Youth Forum, and are supported by The Society of London Theatre through funding from the Theatre Development Trust.

At last year’s ceremony, playwright Simon Stephens described The Mousetraps as ‘the most enjoyable awards ceremony I have ever been to’.

The categories for this year’s awards include:

The Show That You Are Still Talking About
Best Play
The Musical That Blew My Mind
Best Performer
Best Set/Design
Best Family Show
Inspiring Young Performer
Best Ensemble
Best Off West End Production
The Show That You Would Sell Your Soul to Be In

As well as the prizes for the above categories being awarded at The Mousetraps, the ceremony will also include performances from up-and-coming young talent, including Spoken Word artist Omar Bynon, The Wrong People, Emily Burns, Elinor Machen – Fortune and Scallywags.

Look out for results for the 2014 Mousetraps in the news pages of TD summer 1.

Topic of the day – should we all be campaigning for the arts?

Today The Guardian are asking in their poll – Do we all have a duty to campaign for the arts?

Do artists have to be activists? How much responsibility do performers and artists have to keeping the cause alive?

What about your position as a teacher of the arts? Is it important to stay involved in campaigning? Or is the reality that, you don’t really have that much time to ‘do your bit’? Let us know what you think.


To  read the article visit:


Teacher-in-role… some love it, some hate it  –  it’s the marmite of teaching strategies.

In our newest issue of Teaching Drama (available Monday 17 October – visit our website to get yourself a copy), the experts have had their say. Sarah Nunn and Josie Clark made their case in support of acting in the classroom, while Ali Warren and Peter Jolly felt the practice often leads to some teachers just showing off.

But what do you think? It’s time for you to have your say!

Vote below and let us know what you think …