Arts Council England to axe over 20% of workforce

Arts Council England (ACE) has announced structural changes to the organisation, which will see 118 jobs cut, 21% of the current workforce.

Other changes to the organisation will include a reduction in the number of executive directors from 8 to 4, and downsizing office space by up to 50%. All current ACE regional branches will be reduced to just five, covering London, the South East, South West, the Midlands and the North.

A 2010 government review led to the ACE being told to reduce administrative costs by 50%. The review also cut the ACE’s budget by £100 million, set to be enforced by 2015. The structural changes will begin being implemented from 5 November, with the boundary changes set for completion by July 2013.

ACE chief executive, Alan Davey said: ‘These savings have been challenging to achieve, given our already pared down structure. There is an absolute need for the Arts Council to remain an intelligent investor, leading growth and ambition in an arts and cultural sector which contributes so much to the wealth, quality of life and reputation of our nation. We’ll do less and we’ll do it differently – but we’ll do it well.’